Welcome To Stirling-Rawdon!

stirling, Ontario

The rolling hills of Stirling are made up of farmland, scenic views, and heritage buildings in the downtown. This area is perfect for anyone seeking a great mix of rural living, with necessities and amenities at reach and a stones throw away to Belleville.

Fun fact: NHL players associated with Stirling include Rob Ray, Matt Cooke, and Eric Manlow.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

  1. A great small town that is proud for its hockey and new arena from Kraft Hockeyville
  2. Close to Belleville which is a bit larger of a city with ample amount of job opportunities!
  3. Cute places to visit such as Crimson Cider and Longtooth Brewery.
  4. Great trails for walking and hiking, perfect for families or the solo adventurist.
  5. Plenty to explore including the Buffalo Farm, golf course and restaurants!

5 Things to be aware of:

  1. In a small farm town, please be mindful of the safety of agricultural vehicles on the road, as well as the smell seasonally and dust that may rise.
  2. Schedule your shopping around stores hours! Some stores and shops are closed on Sunday or Monday to allow for staff to enjoy a day off.
  3. If you’re in need of a Wal-Mart, you’ll need to make a trip to Belleville, good thing it’s only 20 minutes away!
  4.  Know where you’re buying and look into the internet availability!
  5.  Stirling has a junior and public school, and there are bus routes that drive to Belleville for high school.

Places of Interest

Offering great trails with views and places to eat or drink!

  • Sidney Conservation Area
  • King’s Mill Cider
  • Ontario Water Buffalo Company
  • Stirling Festival Theatre
  • Killa Cupcakes
  • King’s Mill Conservation
  • Stirling Fair (and Fairgrounds)
  • Oak Hills Golf Club
  • Longtooth Beverage Co.
  • Jimmy’s Pizzeria

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